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Adrian District Library Board


The Adrian District Library Board was formed when the Library became a district library in February 2015.  [It continues the board formed in May 2014 when the city levied a 1 mil tax for the Library]

The five-member board is appointed by the Mayor and Adrian City Commission.  They have staggered three year terms.
Current board members are:  Bob Behnke, Ashley Gonzalez, Marcia Lengnick, Donna Musolf, and Tiffany Olsaver.

The three primary responsibilities of the Library Board are:  (1) establish and approve a budget; control the expenditures of the Library Fund; (2) develop and implement the policies that govern library service; and (3) appoint a suitable director.

The qualifications of a library board member are:  (1) must be 18 years of age and reside in the City of Adrian; (2) possess a true sense of the library’s importance to the economic, social, and educational life of the community; and (3) have an appreciation for the Library and a desire to provide the best possible services for the community.

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